Friday, March 17, 2006

New Roads at Bangalore ...

I cannot digest the fact that IndraNagar roads are getting a face lift (literally) while other path ways (wouldn't call roads as there are no signs of it) which desperately requires a proper road, are being neglected.

It is nice to see the newly elected CM Kumarasamy, personally inspecting the quality of roads and projects executed. But the apathy of the administration to take notice of areas which very badly requires some roads is sad. I personally feel that another layer of tar on top of a well-laid road in IndraNagar was unnecessary while thousands of people suffer immensely due to the ordeal that they have to go through in commuting through rough terrains and dust. I wonder why I should be paying TAX when there is no development work scheduled for the area where I dwell. Though that should not be the mentality of a tax payer, you are forced to such thoughts because of the pain of sufferings day in and day out.

Take for instance the area where I live - Kaggadaspura II Phase. This road connects Kaggadaspura Phase I road with Vignan Nagar. This stretch has plenty of apartments, schools, hospitals, commercial spaces and a college run by the Shanti Charitable Trust (SCT College of Engineering). In spite of all these establishments and a heavy traffic flow, the road has been neglected.

The road is quite muddy and sports thousands of holes. Your body is painted with a layer of dust when you traverse through this road. Even a small stint of rain makes the road a highway to heaven. Apart from this there are drainage problems with sewage flowing onto the road.

It is pathetic to see old people and young school and college going kids who commute by foot, holding their lives in their hands. There is no platform for them to walk. And they are not given the space, as the bikers don't take the road fearing the holes and travel only on the edges of the road.

It is only a pity that these kinds of roads go unnoticed as they can no way compete with the roads of posh areas like IndraNagar. We even think that we can serve ourselves better if each house in that stretch contributes an amount for the road. But why the heck we pay taxes? Aren’t we eligible even for the basic and very minimal facilities that are due from the Government? Many of us feel that it is high time that the Governemtn re-prioritizes the latest initiative by first identifying and deploying roads that are in ICU (Inferiorly cared units) list.

We are not asking for a formula one racing tracks. All we are asking for is a road which would sustain rains and which would enable safe commuting. Hello, is anybody listening?


Shiva said...

On seeing the 2 snaps of Kamzee, I understand that the road connecting Kaggadaspura Phase I road with Vignan Nagar remains neglected from the day it was proposed. If anyone from Corporation / Highways who ever is responsible for this road happens to see this comment, here are some suggestion.

Step 1.

I don't see any provision for the drainage. Unless proper drainage is provided, this road will remain a ruin. Provide drains on the both the sides, so that water doesn't get logged on the road surface. Include pipe-culverts and chutes where ever necessary and the side drains with pre-cast slabs (45CMx45CM) on both the sides and PCC (1:4:8) on the surafe is mandatory.

Step 2:

The soil seems to be too marshy. Hence, a surface treatment using lime,flyash or quarry-dust and sand should be done prior to even staring the work (after the drainage earthwork is completed)

Step 3:

After the surface treatment, provide a layer of WBM (Water Bound Macadam)G III and a layer of WBM G II. Ensure that enough camber is provided at this phase itself in order to avoid water logging during the course of laying the bituminous surface. Moreover, providing camber in the bituminous layer would be filthy expensive.

Step 4:

After the curing period, provide a layer of BM (Bituminous Macadam) - 75 MM should be fine.

Step 5: Provide a layer of SDPC (Semi Dense Premix Carpet).

Finally, complete the plastering and pointing required for the Side Drains.

This Road to Ruin will be transformed into a Road to Race.
It will be durable with minimal maintenance and more votes assured.

I don't think there's going to be an election in Karnataka in the near furture!

BHASKAR said...

Hi ,

I am staying in Kagadasapura. I mostly take the Phase 1 road to reach kagadasapura main road. Now the DRDO phase 1 gate is closed @ 9 PM only. This is very difficult for many living in kagadasapura.

I think DRDO officials should take necessary steps to keep open the traffic thru DRDO till 11 PM so that software people who always comes late will be grateful.

I think other people will also be post the same.


Anonymous said...

To add fuel to fire, now the road towards the railway gate in kaggadaspura is closed over a month for some work. I dont see any progress in this work now.We should probably awake BMP on this... what can we do for this ..????

Umashankar said...

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Anonymous said...

I live in Kaggadasapura, You are absolutely right, there are new roads being laid in the areas cross roads, but 29th cross is still marshy, muddy and horrible, its really tough to travel, I have almost stopped walking on these roads, with rains around, the state is just worst.